Was That Trade Show Worth It?

I was talking the other day to a friend who runs marketing for his company, and he was describing their plans to increase their presence at various trade shows and conferences. At the same time, he expressed a certain degree of frustration – how it was incredibly difficult to actually... Read more ›

It’s Hard to Measure What’s Invisible

Recently, I noticed a trend of disparity between the metrics that marketing departments are held accountable for vs. the metrics that are truly meaningful to CFOs and CEOs for decision making purposes.  Understandably so, marketing departments must focus on the metrics that they are held accountable for since this is... Read more ›

The Importance of Creating Marketing Partnerships

For any company to have a strong and successful marketing department it must have solid partnerships in place.  This could be partnerships between technologies (i.e. CRM and marketing automation), it could be partnerships between departments (corporate marketing and product marketing, for example), or it could be partnerships with other companies... Read more ›

Intentional Culture

For those of you who know me (or those of you who have read my bio), I was in the consulting world for over a decade before founding Full Circle CRM with Bonnie, Andrea, and Dan. During those years I had many occasions to be grateful that I was the... Read more ›

A Renewed Focus on Marketing Analytics

Last week Accenture came out with a great piece called From Marketing Communications to Experience Engineering: The New Role for CMO’s in the Digital Era.  This article outlined many different things that modern CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers) must do including the empowerment of marketing operations, tracking marketing technology innovation, and digital... Read more ›

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