Lead AND Contact Nurturing

I really love this blog post by our friends at SiriusDecisions because it not only highlights the importance of nurturing to your entire database, but also because it offers a framework and keys to success on how to effectively nurture to your Lead and Contact database.  In true piggy-back fashion,... Read more ›

How to Iterate on Scoring In Salesforce

The function of a score is to determine the relative value of a record compared to other records in the database based on defined criteria. This is important because it translates complex patterns into something that is actionable by the rest of the business’s processes. In Salesforce, this is sometimes... Read more ›

Making Your Marketing Numbers Matter

I recently came across a great blog post by G. David Dodd, Why Marketers Need a Revenue Growth Theory, where he quotes a couple studies done by companies like ITSMA, VisionEdge Marketing, Forrester, and the Fournaise Marketing Group essentially saying that for the most part CEOs, CFOs, and other executives... Read more ›

Is Marketing Hard?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal observes that math and science is very popular among incoming college students until they actually start taking classes and discover that it is hard. It goes on to state that more students drop out of math and sciences than any other subjects, and... Read more ›

3 Things I Learned from Salesforce

I was only at Salesforce for a little over a year but I really appreciated my time there where I ran what’s now called the Service Cloud.  We had a lot of ups (the revenue!) and some downs (the outages!) but it was a good ride nonetheless.  With any interesting... Read more ›

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