Marketing Attribution is Important For Sales Too!

As any business professional listens to the trends within their market to stay ahead of the curve, they occasionally come across incredible thought leadership that resonates clearly.  I recently came across this Forbes article that while published in June has for whatever reason just found its way across my desk. ... Read more ›

Is the CMO The Problem? No, it’s the CEO

Adam Needles recently wrote an interesting blog Is The CMO The Problem? that explores the question of why CMOs are not focused on revenue driving programs and their demand centers.  Here are three points of interest from the blog but you should also read it in it’s entirety. CMOs Want... Read more ›

Best of August 2013: B2B Marketing News

Full Circle CRM Newsletter August 2013 1. Salesforce Best Practices 2. Marketing Best Practices 3. From the Sales Team 4. Marketing Update 5. In the News Sales and marketing processes are constantly evolving with new technologies and new theories. At Full Circle CRM we understand how tough it can be... Read more ›

Measuring Marketing: Top 3 Marketing Metrics

A few weeks ago I had a chance to present to Sheryl Root’s Agile Marketing class held at Carnegie Mellon’s Silicon Valley Campus.  It was fun to participate and present one of my favorite topics “Measuring Marketing: Top 3 Marketing Metrics.” Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley Building 23 (MS-11) Moffett... Read more ›

Marketing Is A Science Too, Not Just An Art

Dominique Turpin, the president of IMD Business School, wrote an article earlier this week about how the Chief Marketing Officer is dead.  I don’t believe that position is dead, in fact since the entire demand generation process has become more complicated it is more important then ever. However, to make... Read more ›

Market or Marketing?

A lot goes in to figuring out the best way to market a product. The channels available to marketers have expanded with technology, and there’s a tendency sometimes to chase the latest marketing technology. Do you Email? Do you tweet? Is it social? Is it mobile? Between developing and executing... Read more ›

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