Simplifying Your Salesforce Campaigns

As marketers we are constantly being dragged in different directions and all too often get bogged down in the setup and back end infrastructure of our campaigns and programs in  Don’t get me wrong it is incredibly important to make sure your campaigns are set up properly.  Making sure... Read more ›

How Good is Your Data?

I read a blog post recently that made the interesting distinction between analytics and insight.  I thought this was particularly insightful because all too often these two terms become used interchangeably when in reality they have two very different connotations. While analytics delivers you data on your performance, insight instead... Read more ›

How Does Your Marketing Work?

One of the biggest challenges marketers have is to gain a robust understanding of how their marketing is working.  Which programs drive new leads? Which programs work to enhance the middle of the sales cycle?  Which work at the end of the sales cycle? To answer these questions, Full Circle... Read more ›

Lead Status Values for Sales and Marketing

The lead status field is often a source of contention between Marketing and Sales within an organization. The field is typically used to communicate the status of a record to both the reporting users and the sales rep who is working the lead. The reporting user wants to see explicit... Read more ›

Reflections on Dreamforce 2013

What a week!  With two expo floors this year, there was certainly curiosity as to how that would effect flow, traffic, etc. for the booth sponsors. But with 135,000 registrations this year, the fact of the matter is that the expo hall looked as busy as ever.  As a sponsor/partner... Read more ›

How To Get Executives On Board With Marketing

Earlier today I read an interesting article on the KISSmetrics Blog called CEO’s Don’t Trust Marketing – What’s The Solution?,written by Danyl Bosomworth, that quoted a survey by the Fournaise Group stating 80% of CEO’s do not trust marketers unless they are “ROI marketers”. This post hits a lot of... Read more ›

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