Get a Baseline on Your Marketing Metrics

A lot of marketing people we talk to want to know how to get started measuring their marketing. One of the best ways to start using marketing analytics is to get a baseline on your current performance.  Say you have the following performance metrics: – Generate 500 MQLs each quarter... Read more ›

What did you learn today?

Have you ever run into someone technical who doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing? Maybe it’s an IT person who can’t seem to get your computer to connect to your server or to Salesforce. Or a developer who can’t get you the report you need – even though you... Read more ›

Simplifying Your Salesforce Campaigns

As marketers we are constantly being dragged in different directions and all too often get bogged down in the setup and back end infrastructure of our campaigns and programs in  Don’t get me wrong it is incredibly important to make sure your campaigns are set up properly.  Making sure... Read more ›

How Good is Your Data?

I read a blog post recently that made the interesting distinction between analytics and insight.  I thought this was particularly insightful because all too often these two terms become used interchangeably when in reality they have two very different connotations. While analytics delivers you data on your performance, insight instead... Read more ›

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