Caution: Rough Road Ahead in Press Relations

Did you see this news last week? The Woman Transforming Oracle’s Salesforce Says She Was Fired After Talking To A Reporter.  According to the article, star Eloqua salesperson Jill Rowley was working on a project to train 23,000 Oracle sales people on leveraging social media (LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) in their... Read more ›

The Best Thing Salesforce Didn’t Do

As Salesforce customers we’re accustomed to hearing about new and upcoming features on the platform. Every release cycle is like a celebration – digging through the release notes to find new gifts that will make our work more productive, or simplify tasks, or even allow implementation of solutions that weren’t... Read more ›

Adding Marketing Technology to the Mix in 2014

I recently came across a report called Marketing Automation Software Buyer View 2014 done by Software Advice and I thought the results were pretty interesting. The key findings of this report were: – The vast majority of buyers (91 percent) were evaluating marketing automation software for the first time. –... Read more ›

Simplifying the Waterfall for Marketing

When I first saw the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall, I was enamored. Cool!  Finally someone had started to describe how B2B marketing works and created a set of best practices. And it was simple – 5 stages from the top of the funnel to the bottom.  So we learned 3 new... Read more ›

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