When is First Touch Most Important?

Campaign attribution is a popular topic these days. Marketers often find themselves in baffling discussions of which campaign response is most important for a multi-touch customer journey – first touch or last touch – or something else? This raises the question of when is first touch the most important? I... Read more ›

The Heartbleed Marketing Challenge

As CTO, my scope of operations can be fairly broad. Sometimes it involves exploring the latest technologies. Last week it involved annoying everyone in the company with demands that they change their passwords on various web sites and services, based on the latest information on the Heartbleed vulnerability. I assume... Read more ›

Caution: Rough Road Ahead in Press Relations

Did you see this news last week? The Woman Transforming Oracle’s Salesforce Says She Was Fired After Talking To A Reporter.  According to the article, star Eloqua salesperson Jill Rowley was working on a project to train 23,000 Oracle sales people on leveraging social media (LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) in their... Read more ›

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