Webinar: ABM in Action: Target, Execute, Measure

March 8, 2017
11AM PT | 2PM ET

It’s Not About Mobile

Mobile is everywhere. It’s apps for every purpose. It’s smartphones and tablets “killing” the desktop. Everyone has a mobile initiative, and almost every website a mobile version. The problem with this focus on mobile is that it’s the wrong way to look at technology and user experience. Oh, it may... Read more ›

Using Big Data to Modernize Your Marketing

Harvard Business Review recently came out with a study called Building the Ultimate Marketing Machine – a great read for anyone who is interested in making their marketing departments more effective.  Unsurprisingly the very first thing mentioned in this study is “big data – deep insights”.  At this point almost... Read more ›

An Engineer in Marketing Land

I spent part of last week at the SiriusDecisions marketing conference in Orlando. Now I’ve attended countless technical conferences, but this was the first time I’d attended a conference where virtually everyone was in sales or marketing. I noticed some surprising and fundamental differences between this conference and the technical... Read more ›

Why CRM is Your Most Important Financial System

At the 2014 SiriusDecisions Summit this week Malcom Gladwell (most famous for his books Outliers, Tipping Point, and Blink) presented the concept of the importance of re-framing. Reimagining what you do or re-framing a familiar system is core to transforming organizations, says Malcolm.  As a key example, Malcolm discussed the... Read more ›

Why multi-touch weighed campaign influence is essential for understanding deal attribution

Attributing revenue to campaigns has been a difficult challenge for data-driven marketers since the beginning. Throughout time, the tools and methods available to us have gotten more powerful and sophisticated, from single campaign attribution, to multi-touch, and most recently weighted influence. The earliest methods would attempt to find a single... Read more ›

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