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October 2013

1. Salesforce Best Practices
2. Marketing Best Practices
3. From the Sales Team
4. Marketing Update
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Sales and marketing processes are constantly evolving with new technologies and new theories. At Full Circle CRM we understand how tough it can be to keep up with it all. So we decided to keep track of it for you! Check out our best practices for, key marketing tips, and ideas for aligning sales and marketing teams.

Salesforce Best Practices:
    trust-worthy salesforce reports 2    

Despite the fact that the reports are accurate based on the data, having reports produce one result when the end user is expecting something different will reduce the overall trust in the system and reporting. Without trust, the data is not actionable and therefore not useful . . .

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Marketing Best Practices:
    align sales and marketing

Marketing Automation solutions and other systems Marketing is implementing that are designed to drive more leads for the Sales team and help with demand generation need to be aligned with what Sales is doing.  It is critical for Marketing and Sales to be on the same page and two of the best ways to do that are by having a process that is aligned across the entire demand generation cycle and have the right tools in place to optimize this process . . .

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From the Sales Team:

As sales people, while we can prospect to add value to our pipeline, it is difficult to rely solely on prospecting to help us drive revenue.  We therefore need to take great care of the qualified leads that are passed to us by marketing because the fact of the matter is that while they may not represent selling opportunities now, they likely will at some point down the road- it all comes down to if we can maintain visibility after they are disqualified for this first time . . .

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Marketing Update:
    measure marketing with crm 

A recent survey from Denis Pombriant’s Beagle Research group shows that marketers use CRM systems more than other software tools to measure their marketing results.  This makes a lot of sense to us at Full Circle CRM for several reasons (not just because we measure our own marketing efforts in

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In the News:

Full Circle CRM CTO, Dan Appleman, Named Summer ’13 MVP

Full Circle CRM announced today that its CTO, Dan Appleman, has been named a Summer ‘13 MVP.  The MVP Program is an annual award that recognizes outstanding contributors and technological leaders in the cloud platform ecosystem . . .

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