Salesforce Best Practice: Start at the End

There are many things to take into consideration when designing a lead lifecycle in Salesforce, but understanding the reports you ultimately want to deliver should always be the first step in the process. This doesn’t have to be a fancy requirements document or a well designed PowerPoint slide. It can... Read more ›

Salesforce Campaign Influence Comes Full Circle

Yesterday Full Circle Insights announced the next-generation of Weighted Campaign Influence, a feature that revolutionizes the ability to measure & attribute value to the many touches that contribute to revenue in Salesforce. This is particularly exciting to me as it feels like I’m finally closing out some unfinished business. You... Read more ›

Measuring Campaign ROI

Marketers and executive teams are becoming increasingly focused on the all-important campaign ROI number. The problem with this of course is that in our multi-touch marketing world there is rarely just one campaign responsible for generating an entire opportunity. We’ve gotten so caught up in the idea that ROI is attached... Read more ›

Why Velocity Matters

Jason Lemkin wrote a great post last month on Why lead Velocity Rate (LVR) is the Most Important Metric in SaaS. He argues that pipeline metrics alone are not enough to predict if you will hit your numbers due to inconsistent rep behavior and encourages organizations to look at Marketing... Read more ›

Best Practice: Sales Assignment Time-Outs

One mechanism we employ at Full Circle Insights is the concept of Assignment Time-Outs, which facilitate a forced time-out after a rep has engaged with a prospect and disqualified them for the time being. Time-outs prevent a name from returning to sales the next day or next week if it happens... Read more ›

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