Adding Marketing Science to the Mix

Hana Abaza, director of marketing at Uberflip, wrote a great piece on called 10 Players CMOs Need To Keep The ‘Digital marketing scientistBeat’ a few days ago.  This post does a really great job of breaking down some different types of marketing roles that CMOs need on their teams to be successful in the digital age.  One of the things I like a lot about it is that there are 3 roles described that are technology focused – marketing automation manager, data analyst, and marketing technologist.

Hana goes into a little more detail about these roles but in a nutshell here is what they do:

Marketing automation manager: develop lead scoring models and help execute marketing campaigns

Data analyst: report on marketing analytics, find insights in the data

Marketing technologist: kind of like IT for marketing

Having almost 1/3 of the marketing team in more data-focused or technical roles shows a growing shift towards rounding out marketing teams with marketing scientists.  In the past marketing departments have been more heavily populated with marketing artists – the people who create campaigns, design collateral, etc. Often times there was not a serious effort put into trying to determine the exact results of marketing campaigns because as John Wanamaker put it, “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half”.

However since so much of the buying cycle is now digital (and the majority of B2B marketing campaigns are as well) it is now possible to accurately track and report on campaign performance, marketing’s contribution to revenue and pipeline, and much much more.  And this is where the marketing scientists come in.  They are the people that can optimize the marketing technologies your company is using and dive into the marketing metrics and analytics being generated from all your campaigns to find those key insights that can help drive more revenue, lower your costs, and streamline your processes.

So if you are looking to build out a marketing team or that conversation is being had at your company remember to include marketing scientists in the discussion because they are a key piece of the puzzle to marketing’s success in the digital age.

Josh Rosenberg

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