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Top 5 Tips to Inspire Employees Every Day

AUTHOR   Kristina Knight   •   October 22, 2015   •   No Comments
According to several recent surveys, employees aren’t just looking for a paycheck. They are looking for satisfaction and inspiration in their daily work. One expert offers her top tips to help businesses inspire their workers each day. First, be intentional about building your company culture. “Every company has a culture,... Read More ›
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Advanced Attribution Models Emerge For B2B Marketers

AUTHOR   Carol Krol   •   October 14, 2015   •   No Comments
Marketing attribution models and tools are emerging that enable B2B marketers to tie sales to specific marketing campaigns and initiatives that contributed to revenue, experts note. And while most companies are not there yet due to the complexity of full-funnel attribution, those who are doing so are seeing a significant... Read More ›
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Full Circle Insights Launches New Free Trial of Campaign Influence App Including New Campaign Attribution Dimensions

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   September 15, 2015   •   No Comments
SAN MATEO, CA — September 15, 2015 — Full Circle Insights, Inc., makers of comprehensive marketing performance management solutions, today announced the launch of Full Circle Campaign Influence, the company’s game-changing campaign attribution app. Campaign Influence gives users unprecedented visibility into marketing campaigns, delivering insight into which campaigns drive the... Read More ›
Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Journal: 2015 Women Worth Watching Award

AUTHOR   Kathie Sandlin   •   September 15, 2015   •   No Comments
Women Worth Watching 2015 Bonnie Crater Full Circle’s Cofounder and CEO Is in it to Win it Every Time Bonnie has been heavily involved in the sales lead management industry since her graduation from Princeton University, and has held executive positions at major companies, including Salesforce, Oracle, Genesys, Netscape, Stratify,... Read More ›
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Amazon Backlash: ‘Always On’ Tech Industry Sees Burned Out Workers, High Turnover and Diversity Fails

AUTHOR   Salvador Rodriguez   •   September 15, 2015   •   No Comments
Back when she was part of Amazon’s Seattle-based retail team, associate vendor manager Ling Lin recalls pulling 24-hour shifts during frantic shopping holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. She watched co-workers engage in screaming matches and once saw a colleague steal the credit for her work. “I did not feel that it... Read More ›
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4 Revelations You Can Uncover with Salesforce Data

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   September 15, 2015   •   No Comments
They say a CRM is only as useful as the data in it. Millions of marketers use Salesforce, but few have a solid understanding of the data that they are pulling, what metrics to measure, where it comes from, and how much they can trust it. As marketing continues to... Read More ›
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The One Attribution Strategy B2B Marketers Must Steal From B2C

AUTHOR   Alex Shipillo   •   July 23, 2015   •   No Comments
From our CEO, Bonnie Crater, and Alex Shipillo, Senior Marketing Manager at Influitive: B2B marketing is evolving faster than ever. In many ways, however, B2B is still many years behind the sophisticated marketing measurement that has already been implemented by companies that sell to consumers. Luckily, thanks to the rise... Read More ›
Wall Street Journal

Aligned Partners, a VC Firm That Does Not Chase Unicorns

AUTHOR   Deborah Gage   •   July 13, 2015   •   No Comments
More private companies are valued at $1 billion or more than at any time in history, and many venture capital firms are chasing investments in what they hope will be the next unicorn on that list. One firm, Aligned Partners, is taking a different tack. Rather than pouring money into... Read More ›
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Measuring Marketing with your CRM (Especially Salesforce)

AUTHOR   Josh Rosenberg   •   April 9, 2015   •   No Comments
Of all the reasons to install and use Salesforce as a CRM system, measuring marketing performance is one of the biggies.   And yet we still hear that campaign results are not measured consistently.  Some will say that metrics will only be important if the campaign has metrics attached to... Read More ›

Women in tech: Silicon Valley needs to take a play from the NFL

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   April 9, 2015   •   No Comments
Late last month, a jury found venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins not liable in Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination suit, but the conversation didn’t end there. In fact, it has just begun. Pao’s bravery in coming forward has inspired many other women to speak up about Silicon Valley’s bias problem, and... Read More ›