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May 2, 2017
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Marketers Need a Better Approach to Campaign Performance Metrics

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   April 9, 2015   •   No Comments
To make better decisions, marketers need accurate visibility into campaigns that influence pipeline and revenue. However, most marketers rely on an oversimplified approach to do so. Though the B2B marketing and sales funnel typically includes multiple touches, many marketing teams use single-touch attribution methods. Those methods only acknowledge the first-... Read More ›
Ars Technica

Can the NFL solve gender inequality in Silicon Valley?

AUTHOR   Megan Geuss   •   April 6, 2015   •   No Comments
When jurors returned from deliberation in San Francisco Superior Court last week, they somberly delivered a verdict rejecting all of the gender discrimination claims that former junior partner Ellen Pao had made against VC firm Kleiner Perkins. For some of those outside of the courtroom, this was a surprise—over the... Read More ›

Why CMOs need data, not feelings, to succeed

AUTHOR   Kristina Knight   •   February 13, 2015   •   No Comments
Advertising campaigns have never had hard physical data to connect how a new customer came to buy a product. Instead most have relied on questions like ‘how did you learn about Product X’ to determine if campaigns were succeeding. One expert weighs in on the fallacy behind that approach. Marketing... Read More ›
60 Second Marketer

Five Ways to Use Data to Shape Your 2015 Marketing Budget

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   February 4, 2015   •   No Comments
As a New Year begins, marketers are putting the finishing touches on their marketing budgets and making adjustments to previously submitted plans to make sure they get the most out of their marketing spend in 2015. In an increasingly data-driven world, it’s more important than ever to be able to... Read More ›
Demand Gen Report

Full Circle CRM Unveils New Application To Enhance Campaign Performance Visibility

AUTHOR   Josh Rosenberg   •   December 12, 2014   •   No Comments
Full Circle CRM recently launched Opportunity Gatekeeper, an application designed to help marketers more accurately track campaign performance and influence by providing up-to-date data on opportunity records. Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, Opportunity Gatekeeper is intended to help user have more efficient, effective operations by tying opportunities to their respected... Read More ›
Demand Gen Report

B2B Marketers Measuring Campaign Influence For A Better View Of Buyer Behavior

AUTHOR   Brian Anderson   •   November 14, 2014   •   No Comments
As B2B marketers plan next year’s campaigns, it has become common practice to analyze past campaigns to understand which programs, channels and content are driving pipeline and revenue. However, many B2B marketers still struggle with understanding to what extent individual campaigns have influenced overall buying decisions. Campaign effectiveness has traditionally... Read More ›

Full Circle CRM’s new $3.8M will help connect tops and bottoms of more funnels

AUTHOR   Barry Levine   •   November 12, 2014   •   No Comments
Full Circle CRM has landed $3.8 million to continue its mission of making Salesforce data better. The San Mateo, Calif.-based company, founded in 2010 by Salesforce veterans, offers a Marketing Performance Management solution that runs on the Salesforce1 Platform. The key idea, the company said, is to use a company’s... Read More ›
Demand Gen Report

How to Make the Business Case for Marketing Analytics

AUTHOR   Bonnie Crater   •   October 27, 2014   •   No Comments
Measuring marketing and its impact on revenue is a hot topic these days but making an investment for change in organizations can sometimes be challenging. More specifically, there are usually three types of reasons we make changes in business — personal reasons, strategic reasons, and financial reasons. When measuring marketing,... Read More ›
CIO Review

Full Circle CRM Selected for CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers for 2014

AUTHOR   Josh Rosenberg   •   June 11, 2014   •   No Comments
Marketing is undergoing a dramatic transformation, moving from the traditional guesswork to data operations and analytics in the cloud. Coupled with the changes in the psyche of consumers, this transformation is forcing marketers to reorganize their strategies. Consequently, they are spending increasing amounts of time and energy to embrace technology,... Read More ›
CEOCFO Magazine

Bonnie Crater 2013 Interview with CEOCFO Magazine

AUTHOR   Josh Rosenberg   •   November 17, 2013   •   No Comments
Full Circle CRM President and CEO, Bonnie Crater, was interviewed by CEOCFO magazine in 2013 about what she learned in her previous experiences as a vp of marketing and why this led her to start Full Circle CRM with the other founders. Additionally she goes into detail about why marketers... Read More ›